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DC Psychology is the science of group dynamics and its leadership and organizational culture consulting methods can help organizations create a high-performing workplace culture. DC Psychology offers a framework that allows leaders to understand and leverage their employees' communication and predictable group dynamics. While we focus on leadership development and corporate culture, it can also be used for improving and group dynamics in any organizational discipline like sales, customer experience, team work, communication, etc.


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DCI International Certification

Our award-winning programs online. DC Psychology programs are designed to level up your business and help you attract more high-paying clients by giving you award-winning tools and systems that show measurable ROI.

International Live Program

Embark on a leadership transformation with the “DCI Executive Live Program,” a unique blend of Directive Communication Psychology and Arthur Carmazzi’s leadership strategies.

Keynote Speaker

A Modern Renaissance Man, Arthur Carmazzi is ranked as the world’s #1 thought leader in organizational culture and leadership .

DCI Assessment Tools

Begin by gaining a thorough understanding of your team’s specific challenges to determine the most suitable solution for you, or assess the success of your leadership program.

Culture Consulting
DC Psychology Based Leadership and Organizational Culture Consulting

Organizations can start seeing improvements within a few weeks of implementing DC Psychology based leadership and organizational culture consulting. This is especially true for areas like communication and teamwork. However, larger improvements like increased employee engagement and innovation will become very visible as well. By gamifying DC Psychology based employee created implementation, organizations can develop a high-performing culture in less than 80 days.