International Live Program ​

Elevate your training prowess with our International Live Program, accredited by the American Institute of Business Psychology. Dive into an immersive learning odyssey at Arthur Carmazzi’s serene Bali Castle. Arthur Carmazzi’s program infuses Directive Communication Psychology into training, coaching, and organizational development. Transform not just your skills but your entire perspective on business growth and workforce engagement

This is a glimpse of our leadership training program. To explore these courses and more, including our training sessions and additional offerings, please reach out by expressing your interest.

Train the Trainer Asia 2024

Train the Trainer Asia (International People Development Consultant Certification) is 7-day journey of personal and professional evolution at Arthur’s tranquil and lush Castle in Bali. Get a learning experience you’ll never forget and apply the science of group dynamics to powerfully grow your business, evolve organizational culture, and enhance employee engagement.

Leadership Psychology Retreat

International Accredited Certification Leadership in Psychology. This program is 3 days training session, Discover the issues within the organization that prevent a greater organizational culture and provide clartity and experence within a workshop environment to assist leaders to reflect, understand and take action on solving these issues.

Organizational Culture Consultant

Internationally Accredited Certified Organizational Culture Consultant. This program is 3 days training session and get the Certification Credentials you need to be an Elite Change Maker for large organizations and will hold value and credibility. This internationally accredited Certification can demonstrate a higher level of knowledge and expertise in your field.