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DC Psychology
Directive Communication Psychology

DC Psychology is the science of group dynamics and its leadership and organizational culture consulting methods can help organizations create a high-performing workplace culture. DC Psychology offers a framework that allows leaders to understand and leverage their employees' communication and predictable group dynamics. While we focus on leadership development and corporate culture, it can also be used for improving and group dynamics in any organizational discipline like sales, customer experience, team work, communication, etc.


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Here are some ways that DC Psychology based leadership can improve an organization's culture:

Building Trust

By understanding their team's communication and behavior styles, leaders can create a more trustworthy workplace environment. This leads to better communication, teamwork, and results for the organization.

Customized Training

Leaders can use DC Psychology to create customized training programs that meet their team members' unique needs. This helps leaders become more effective and results-oriented.

Encouraging Inclusivity

DC Psychology can be used to foster a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equity. This helps employees feel valued and respected, leading to greater collaboration and innovation.

Fast Results with Work Gamification

by reverse engineering objectives into behaviors, you can see faster results in improved leadership, communication, decision-making, and problem-solving.

Culture Consulting
DC Psychology Based Leadership and Organizational Culture Consulting

Organizations can start seeing improvements within a few weeks of implementing DC Psychology based leadership and organizational culture consulting. This is especially true for areas like communication and teamwork. However, larger improvements like increased employee engagement and innovation will become very visible as well. By gamifying DC Psychology based employee created implementation, organizations can develop a high-performing culture in less than 80 days.


By providing leaders and employees with the tools and techniques they need to foster a safe environment (Culture), creativity, experimentation, and risk-taking can help build a culture of innovation:

Embracing Diversity

Our research shows individuals have different communication processes, and motivation varies based on the team members they interact with. By understanding the real reasons behind behaviors, it is easier to value and embrace these differences. An Aware team will be able to promote a culture of diversity that encourages new ideas, perspectives, and solutions.

Fostering Creativity

DC Psychology provides techniques for unleashing creativity, such as “Multi-Color brainstorming” and even tools to kickstart the creative process like “Colored Brain Cards”. By creating a safe and supportive environment where employees can easily share their ideas without fear of judgment, organizations can encourage creativity and innovation.

Encouraging Experimentation

DC Psychology provides tools and processes to create a safe environment is the key to experimentation and risk-taking. By creating a culture that allows employees to experiment and fail without fear of repercussions, organizations can foster a spirit of innovation and creativity.

Promoting Collaboration through Gamification

Collaboration is key to innovation and collaborative behaviors are easy to gamify. By building a culture of collaboration, organizations can encourage employees to share their ideas and work together to solve problems, leading to more innovative and effective solutions.

Other examples of how DC Psychology can be applied in the creation of culture:


when sales teams can understand how their clients' get clarity which supports trust, and what are their root emotional motivations. They will be able to tailor their sales strategies and approaches. This leads to better communication, stronger relationships, and increased sales.

Customer Experience

when you can understand a customers' real desires, emotional needs and how they interact with their version of reality, you can create an extraordinary customer experience. By building a culture that understands customer psychology, organizations can improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

Team Work

By nurturing trust through awareness of how and why people do what they do, team members and team leaders can create a team culture that promotes collaboration, trust, and respect.


DC Psychology offers tools and techniques that can improve communication across different levels of an organization. Tools like the CBCI System to understand how people get clarity and connect them through a dashboard that allows them to see exactly how to improve communication and productivity…, the Management Mirror that identifies the Perception Gaps of how you see yourself compared to how others see you. And the Squadli Behavior Gamification app that support more fun interactions and a communication strategy that leads to better understanding and fewer conflicts.