DC Psychology
Directive Communication Psychology

DC Psychology is the science of group dynamics and its leadership and organizational culture consulting methods can help organizations create a high-performing workplace culture. DC Psychology offers a framework that allows leaders to understand and leverage their employees' communication and predictable group dynamics. While we focus on leadership development and corporate culture, it can also be used for improving and group dynamics in any organizational discipline like sales, customer experience, team work, communication, etc.


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DC Psychology Based Leadership
Here are some ways that DC Psychology based leadership can improve an organization's culture:


Do a short Culture Evolution Discovery to determine a Culture benchmark for Leadership development


Support leaders to find their own Ideal leadership identity using data from the Culture Discovery for alignment


Develop an organizational Culture plan with measurable and defined outcomes and milestones


A restart each week would provide more opportunities for team members to win based on learning and feedback from a previous week… providing motivation to continue to grow

Leadership Development Training
Leadership Development Training Programs and Seminars

Each DCI leadership development training program is designed by global top 10 leadership guru Arthur Carmazzi and incorporate the latest in Practical (NOT Academic) leadership development! Check out our Flagship Leadership Development Training program: The Hero’s Way