The Power of Uncertainty and Change to Motivate Innovation and Uniting Departement

Why uncertainty and change be applied to motivating innovation and uniting departments?

The power of uncertainty and change can serve as a potent catalyst for innovation and unity among departments. When faced with ambiguity, teams are often compelled to think creatively and adapt to new circumstances. The uncertainty surrounding change prompts individuals to step out of their comfort zones, fostering a mindset that is receptive to novel ideas and alternative approaches. As departments grapple with evolving challenges, the need for collaborative problem-solving becomes evident, driving teams to unite in pursuit of common goals.


Challenge & Solution

By framing change as an opportunity rather than a threat, leaders can motivate teams to experiment, take calculated risks, and challenge the status quo. Directive Communication (DC) Psychology provides has several theories and models that elucidate this:

1. Ambiguity Tolerance: DC Psychology suggests that an understanding of each person's Ambiguity Tolerance can help in fostering a culture that not only adapts to but thrives on change, thereby inspiring innovation.

2. Dynamic Spiral of Motivation: According to DC Psychology, people spiral through various motivational levels that can be stimulated by change or uncertainty to move them towards higher levels of engagement and productivity.

3. Colored Brain Communication: When individuals in different departments understand their 'brain colors', they can better adapt to change and cooperate, thus unifying departments.

4. Emotional Drive Theory: Uncertainty can trigger specific Emotional Drives that can be leveraged to motivate innovation. For example, the drive for 'variety' can be satisfied through innovation.

5. Gamification: DC Psychology suggests that gamification techniques can make the experience of change or uncertainty more engaging and less intimidating, thereby encouraging innovation and unity.

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February 14, 2021