Is There Any Actual Benefit to Training and Coaching in the Metaverse?

  We wonder if there is an application for training and coaching because there is so much talk about the metaverse and how the customer experience will change, and because so many companies, including banks and brands, are joining. if there is any “real” benefit, what is it? Experts in learning and development, trainers, coaches, and consultants currently promote their services by producing and disseminating information related to their areas of expertise. Show what they can do and how they differ from competitors in order to try and win business. The issue is that there is so much content available that customers are unable to read, watch, or listen to even a small portion of it in order to address the true source of their problems. Finding the correct provider among the noise is thus one of the major problems in the learning and development sector. Sadly, the best solutions are not necessarily the ones that are best advertised. In actuality, the finest solutions are frequently not even what the client believes they are. As well as experts in learning and development, coaches, consultants, and trainers. We need to not only stand out, but also entice potential customers to look closely at what we do and the issues we resolve… but rather how we address the issue in a more effective manner that the customer might not have considered.

Does the metaverse thus concur with this?

In actuality, not all metaverses are made equally. There are almost a dozen “Event Metaverses” as of right now. In essence, these are virtual event spaces where participants log in using avatars and then select their own breakout sessions during a virtual conference call.

Yes, it’s unique at the time, but is there a true benefit? Is the education better now? Does it actually address any issues? Not really, other from the fact that it encourages new visitors to at least give it a look.

Although everyone can access metaverses like Decentral Land and Sandbox, which house hotels, banks, and shoe stores all in one location, there doesn’t seem to be any value to learning or development in the long run. Furthermore, finding these brands is challenging without a specific address.

The ability of metaverse technology to use “STORY” to discover, learn, and even implement skills and change attitude is what gives it its power. To make use of this, however, we must go back in time before technology and examine “Human” psychology of persuasion, memory, and behavior modification. Then, use the technology to advance the same methods and understanding of human psychology as are being employed in the “real World” with immersive tales and gamification.

A metaverse’s ability to be an effective marketing and implementation platform for learning and development depends on three primary things:

  1. Metaverse needs to be tailored to the niche of the learning and development business.
  2. To aid users in finding solutions to their issues, the Metaverse must be able to draw them into a narrative.
  3. The Metaverse must be entertaining and unique each time a user enters, offering chances to find novel approaches to solving issues.

Now that we have the formula for the metaverse, what is needed to make it?

The professionals are in charge of this. The owners, curators, and storytellers must be the trainers, coaches, and consultants. Four things will make it possible for the successful metaverse platform to materialize:

  1. A cooperative, expert-led marketing initiative to curate a multifaceted narrative about resolving client issues.
  2. Users can easily find and access collective knowledge and inventions.
  3. A method by which consumers can instantly receive comments or answers about their problems and potential solutions based on the knowledge of many experts.
  4. A entertaining method to engage consumers in the problem-solving tales

Expert solutions have long been collected, arranged, and kept in a useable way. It is done by Google. However, a “Search” only uses ONE search term, offers no elaboration or attempts to interpret the query, is static, and only returns a static response rather than a prospective answer.

Real specialists would investigate, ask questions, and pinpoint the issue’s root cause. The platform would need to be able to gather the knowledge of its expert community, automate the clarifying probing, then think of potential solutions and the providers that could put those solutions into action.

This would imply that a metaverse platform by itself would not be sufficient to give trainers, coaches, and advisors a competitive edge. In order to link users and clients to collective wisdom based on what they actually need, not just what they think they need, the platform must contain AI.

Although some would contend that consultants, trainers, and coaches work in the “Knowledge” sector, we do not. We work to solve people’s problems, therefore a “metaverse must be more than just an innovative online communication tool. It must ADD TASTEFUL VALUE that is NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE.

The Global Mentor Exchange combines the expertise of thought leaders with the gamification and story potential of a high definition realistic metaverse, the focus of the learning and development sector, and the POWER of a conversational AI that can tap into this expertise and ask questions about the issue clients are trying to solve before recommending collaborative solutions that will highlight particular providers.

This brand-new metaverse platform with AI support is made especially for trainers, coaches, and consultants who want to stand out for their creative approaches to helping clients.

Users will gain clarity on what are the potential solutions in the library, where the journey begins. Based on early AI engagement, the metaverse’s user experience and advertising are tailored. This helps organizations and HR departments transform by making it simple for businesses to get NEW and more modern solutions from those providers to address issues with people and performance. Learners, clients, and providers can prosper because the Metaverse is built to build community, inspire, and boost Real World IMPLEMENTATION with immersive learning and discovery.

The metaverse will eventually be monetized via subscriptions and the sale of offices and stores that can convey the narrative of each provider outcome. The Global Mentor Exchange, however, is providing Lifetime memberships in order to incentivize top-notch trainers, coaches, and consultants to join and contribute their knowledge because this is still under development.

The fact that trainers, coaches, and consultants will now have more ways to monetize their services, such Training Tokenization, which provides clients with exponential training ROI, is another benefit of this kind of metaverse.

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