Ten Trainer Thought Leaders You Should Follow in 2024

Discover the top ten trainer thought leaders shaping the future of professional development in 2024, each applying unique applications of Directive Communication group dynamic psychology and combine with their experience based strategy to enhance your learning journey and organizational growth. Following these influencers will equip you with cutting-edge tools and perspectives to navigate the evolving landscape of training and leadership.


Johan Irwan Kamarozaman

Johan Irwan Bin Kamarozaman is a distinguished figure in leadership and communication, best known as the founder of Leap Leadership Academy and the author of “Komunikasi Warna.” Johan is Professional Speaker, Trainer, Author.


Martin Bycroft

Martin Bycroft is passionate Global Facilitator with an outstanding track record in delivering highly engaging in person and virtual programmes. Martin is a Colored brain expert, having delivered this in over 5 Continents.  


Lily Lau

Lily Lau is Certified Master Trainer, Change Mentor, Speaker and Pioneer of Colored Brain in Malaysia. She has trained and facilitated more than 500 training workshops on culture, diversity, bridging generation gap, etc.


Firdaus Johari

Firdaus Johari is a Kuala Lumpur-based professional specializing in boosting business profitability through brain science and creative thinking. He positions himself as an Innovation & Creativity Trainer and Advocate, focusing on creative, critical, future, strategic, and entrepreneurial thinking


Tommy Sujana

Tommy Sujana is an accomplished speaking trainer and business catalyst. He is the CEO & Founder of Phenom Management Group and In-Coach Asia, boasting nearly 18 years of experience in the event industry across Indonesia and Asia. He has facilitated training seminars, workshops for hundreds of companies.


Celina Anne Gan

Celina Anne Gan serves as a Trainer, Facilitator, and Coach at Soh Consultancy & Management Pte Ltd in Singapore since October 2012. With over a decade of experience, she has been instrumental in providing training, facilitation, and coaching services. 


Nadzrin Wahab

Nadzrin Wahab is a Learning & Performance Specialist with over 20 years of experience, focusing on improving workplace professionalism. He has delivered over 16,000 hours of workshops globally.


Toh Hui Sung

Toh Hui Sung is a multifaceted professional with roles as a Talent Transformation Coach, Professional Presentation & Communication Trainer, and Life-Skill Coach for Young Adults.  training. Hui Sung has transitioned into a career focused on personal development and training.


Waheed AlBalushi

Waheed AlBalushi is a distinguished Bahraini professional in communications, with a comprehensive background in journalism, media, public relations, corporate communications, and more. The first GCC citizen to attain Level 4 DC™ Psychology Certification.


Khalid AlQoud

Khalid AlQoud is a distinguished Kuwait/Bahrain-based consultant and speaker with expertise in family business dynamics. He is the founder and CEO of multiple ventures, including AlQoud Foundation, AlQoud Enterprise, International Leadership & Coaching.