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Ideal Leadership Identity — Leadership Models

by DCI Team | June 5, 2024

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If your leadership development training is NOT sustainable… You are trying to apply Leadership Models that are NOT in sync with individual talents, values and skills. Getting people to fit into specific leadership models ONLY works if they have the character and values to fit that model, BUT a deeper understanding of yourself, your values and your personal obstacles, is the required to nurture and create your OWN leadership model. Identifying the areas of character, skill, perception and communication that are deterring from your ability to be a greater leader, constructs the foundation to build you Greater Leadership Identity.

Work with DCI to develop your leaders from Their Strengths so they can Sustain and Grow their Leadership Ability.

Personal Awareness

Personal Awareness — Before we can move forward to create our own ideal leadership models, we must know what drives us, how we communicate and the difference between our own reality and the reality of others. Knowing how and why we do what we do provides the personal awareness to look at the different environments in our lives to cultivation out perfect leadership model. Only then can we look outside of what we know to create what is unfathomable.

Personal Character Assessment

Effects on Organization — You are currently affecting the organization in one way or another. The question is if your Leadership Models are in line with the organizational culture. What are the effects of your leadership style in the creation of trust, loyalty, commitment, success…? The strengths that helped you get promoted are only a part of the results you will get as a leader, the affects you have on the people around you will determine your ultimate leadership success.

The Psychology of Motivation and Inspiration

The Psychology of Motivation and Inspiration — Developing New Leaders BEFORE they Try to get discouraged with in-congruent leadership models that they cannot sustain is ESSENTIAL for their motivation to become and maintain great leadership? With the awareness required to nurture their ideal leadership model, they will have a greater understanding and experience the psychology of moving others to achieve and the motivation that comes from their own passion.

Leadership Identity

Leadership Identity — Who are you at your best? What are the environmental factors that bring out the best of who you are? What roles do you play when you are at your best, what emotional gratifications do you get and who do you need to be to influence the environmental factors that bring out the best in you and others. The Leadership Identity Leadership Model is the Leadership-Anti-Model because it is defined by the individual and the traits they ALREADY have… traits that are refined to create their own ideal leadership model.

Coaching and giving feedback to others to find their Leadership identity

Coaching and giving feedback to others to find their Leadership identity — The greatest leaders are those who develop leadership in others, to assist others to reach their potential not only in their roles as team members and innovative problem solving, but in their own goals and help them to align the organizational objectives with more clarity of what they want to personally achieve. This includes giving effective feedback and appraisals.

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