• Leadership Coaching

    Designed for Senior Leaders and Rising Management

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    "The Workshop was an eye-opener. Learnt new techniques which will help tremendously
    especially when communicating with fellow

    Goh Joon Kim,
    Fuels Marketing
  • Leadership Mastermind Groups

    Facilitated Online with Senior Leaders from around the Globe

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    ""The Directive Communication Foundations
    course is a wonderful adventure in discovering
    new dimensions in communication & leadership..."

    Hima Mehta,
    Head of Communications
    Colgate-Palmolive (India)
  • Leadership Development

    By World's Top 10 Leadership Guru, Arthur F. Carmazzi

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    ""Arthur’s retreat for the Nestle senior management really gave clarity to the implementation of our GLOBE initiative..."

    Tengku Marina Badlishah,
    Group Corporate Affairs Manager
    Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad
Leadership Development
Leadership Development

Be a Hero, a Leader, who triumphs over obstacles of Fear, Little Cooperation, Blame, Low Motivation and Mediocrity...
for Enduring Personal and Organizational Greatness!

Tell Us Your Objectives and Requirements  and We will  Customize Your  Workshop..

Leaders from around the world have attended our DC based leadership training listed Below


DC Leadership Training and Organisational Development address the psychology of a leader and Change. Aside from traditional leadership skills, DC leadership Development Training instill leaders with the ability to influence their working environment and affect culture providing elements of "Environmental Leadership" in each Leadership development module. Those leaders who have achieved the greatest deeds, have not only inspired people to their peak, but have cultivated an environment where their people would flourish and inspire others in their own Leadership Development.

Leadership Articles

Read Leadership Articles from Top 10 Leadership Guru, Arthur F. Carmazzi and discover the Newest Trends In Leadership, including the NEW “Environmental Leadership”

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Internationally Recognized Leadership Training

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"Arthur’s Directive Communication programs have helped leadership at SingTel excel in creating a supportive and effective work environment. The results show up in the greater interest that different departments have taken in each other and in generating increased synergy and better communication across departments. This has positively affected the over all efforts towards our objectives. We have used Arthur a number of times because “Directive Communication” methodology and tools have been found to work for us!”

Eugene Tan

Senior Training Manager

Leadership Training and Workshop

DC based Leadership Development and Change Management Training uses the same methodology that won Arthur F Carmazzi a place as one of the Top 10 Leadership Gurus in the world