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with Directive Communication Psychology

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"The value I received from DCís Train the Trainer Program far exceed my investment more than 10 times..."

Tan Jit Khoon,
Management Consultant and CEO Winson Press

Directive Communication psychology is the newest and most effective (can create Change in 3 months or less) group dynamics methodology for Change.  Created by Arthur F Carmazzi, DC Organisational Development Psychology  is the basis for Environmental Leadership and Fast Change Management

When DC Psychology is introduced into an organisation, whether it be through Training, a Corporate Evolution program, or as part of a Modular Training system, it will positively affect a company's Corporate Culture. Include a Systematic Process with a Total Organisational Change and DC360 is the solution.

Directive Communication™ is a training and Organisational Development psychology developed by Arthur F Carmazzi that affects how people act and react in groups and teams. It is a foundational science for influencing team dynamics to cultivate high performance cooperative work cultures and leadership across any discipline within an organization. We also offer DC Psychology Train the Trainer Programs.

The Directive Communication methodology incorporates the latest breakthroughs in motivational and genetic psychology, and applies them in improving groups and corporate culture, Team Development and workforce enhancement, and in high yield training development.

After work, many facets of leadership surface when Directive Communication is applied at home to cultivating better personal relationships, raising children, and becoming more fulfilled and responsible citizens.

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The Circle of Tolerance

The Rules of Engagement

The Colored Brain

The Emotional Drive

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Cultivating your Environment

Every week you will get one foundational application of Directive Communication Psychology to enhancing your personal and team performance.

Get The Foundation in Directive Communication Mini Course
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"The Directive Communication foundations course is a wonderful adventure in discovering new dimensions in communication and leadership. I am increasingly amazed at the results I have gotten by applying these strategies at Colgate. I also have become conscious of some of the things I "used to do" that were creating a negative impact and corrected them. Thank you so Much Hima Mehta "

Hima Mehta

Head of Communications

Colgate-Palmolive (India)

Foundations of Directive Communication

As individuals affect and are affected by each other in specific work and personal environments, Directive Communication sets the emotional and decision making base for optimizing the way people interact with each other in an organisation, team or group. It enables individuals the ability to specifically and positively direct enthusiasm and action for themselves and the people around them. It exposes individuals to the mental, emotional, and physical triggers that will lead to improvement in their quality of life in and out of work.

In essence, Directive Communication practitioners and traininers can bring out the best in themselves and others in the various groups they exist in.

Applications to Organizational Culture

"I probably need to pinch myself to know that this is me. This program has changed the way I think, the way I deal with people. Iím not as impatient and stressed out like I used to be. Every situation now makes me pause to think of the appropriate way to address it. This program is a must!”

Andre Leung

Administration & HR Manager

Emirates Group

Organisational Culture is influenced by the actions of a leader or the way organisational policy is enforced. People react to those actions or enforcement, and then others react to the people who are reacting. The organizational culture is perpetuated by the emotions associated to the reactions and how people deal with those emotions.

To change a culture, leaders or concerned individuals must overcome the inherent reactions that people have become used to and must have a catalyst to reinforce change. Directive Communication embodies the essence of minimizing "reaction" within organization and cultivating intelligent "action". It provides an active awareness of the psychology that creates a specific environment, it is the catalyst that allows people to see how their world is programmed and provides the tools to influence transform that world for the better.
Directive Communication psychology is applied in  Organisational Development to allow a small group of individuals or teams to create chain reaction transformation and nurture a more enriching and effective work environment. It provides the platform to effectively interact with and stimulate cooperation at multiple hierarchies in the work force of peers, subordinates, and management within the organization, and, stakeholders at various levels.

Directive Communication practitioners are armed with the ability to lead and transform their environments and cultures within departments, teams, or entire organizations. Whether it is to cultivate a highly motivated and supportive sales force, a super creative R&D team, a Superior Service Culture, or highly efficient finance department, Directive Communication practitioners have the tools to create positive change.

Directive Communication in Training

In training, proprietary Directive Communication training tools and games facilitate the process of transferring knowledge at a super-conscious level that instills a greater personal awareness for effective implementation. Directive Communication changes the way people look at their environment and how they affect it. It simultaneously incorporates the methodology with whatever curriculum may be (customer service, leadership, project management, sales, etc.) to engage participants into a series of actions to influence their environment and cultivate a setting that promotes effectiveness of the application.

Directive Communication practitioners apply their skills to a variety of Training or Consulting focuses, Training and consulting Programs using Directive Communication methodology will always cultivate Cohesiveness and Leadership across teams, departments and work forces, and break the barriers that limit cooperation and productivity in any people related discipline.

Directive Communication Power Point Presentations

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English Version

Directive Communication coaches individuals in:

  • How SYNERGETIC workforces are built
  • How people can live their own values in line with an organizations objectives and gain more fulfillment from their job
  • How people can INTERACT within their work environment to bring out the best in each other
  • How peoples reactions towards each other and their environment creates stress and low productivity, and how to CHANGE those reactions into positive actions.
  • How to INSPIRE great working attitudes by influencing your psychological environment
  • How to access continuous workforce performance enhancement with TARGETED Directive Communication™ take home tools
  • How to create superior cross departmental COMMUNICATION
  • How to realize and develop untapped LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL
  • How to cultivate loyalty with FULFILLED employee



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