• Organizational Development

    Transform Corporate Culture and Leadership Effectiveness in Singapore

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    "This program has far exceeded our expectations, it has managed to achieve more in 2 weeks what we have he been trying to implement for the past 6 months "

    Martin Le Roux,
    HR Manager
    Emirates Group
  • Leadership Development

    Leadership Training & Development for Senior & Middle Management in Singapore

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    "DC programmes have made a noticeable impact here at MTV. Our managers and staff have indicated measurable results in their productivity and their ability to minimize conflict..."

    Feline Chua,
    Director of Human Recourses
    MTV Asia
  • Trainer Development

    Trainers Appling DC Psychology Get 42% More Implementation

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    "The value I received from DC's Train the Trainer Program far exceed my investment more than 10 times..."

    Tan Jit Khoon,
    Management Consultant and CEO Winson Press
  • Development Tools

    Apply DC Psychology with Tools, Books & Videos

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    "The DC Colored Brain model provides an enlightening perspective into the nebulous characteristics that spell success in today's complex business..."

    Michael Lor,
    Managing Director
    DBS Thai Danu Bank

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With DC 360
The Most Complete Integrated People Development System to suit Your Unique Organisational Needs and get Measurable Results.

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Directive Communication International (Asia) Pte Ltd has Singapore localized programs for Leadership Development and Organizational Culture Change Management. Our Singapore consultants and Certified Trainers are directly trained by DC psychology founder, Mr. Arthur F Carmazzi and have undergone rigorous Train the Trainer Program to assure visible results and the sustainability of your Leadership and Organizational Development Objectives.

Directive Communication™ Psychology (DC) is recognized (see our Press) for its unique ability to provide immediately visible results in Leadership Training and Organizational Culture Enrichment. We apply DC Psychology of group dynamics to enhance the performance of diverse individuals in various roles to competently and enthusiastically work together towards common Objectives. The DC Training and Organizational Development System maintains One Core Human Discipline applied across all other Human Related Organizational Applications to focus individuals more easily into common practices and objectives. DC Management and Leadership Training is designed with Organizational Culture Change in mind.

Find Leadership and Organisational Change Articles plus take the DC Psychology Mini-course for Free. Get free training videos, audios and casestudies from our Organisational Change Portal,and see our Training Tools and Training Games here.

If you are a Trainer or Consultant, and wish to take your skill to the next level, join the DC Train the Trainer and get you DC Trainer Certification accredited by the American Institute of Business Psychology

Directive Communication

See Arthur F Carmazzi Leadership
to visit the founder of the Directive Communication Methodology

Directive Communication

See Training Accreditation by AIOBP
to visit the American Institute of Business Psychology Accreditation of the DC Methodology

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