Helen Ann Peters

Corporate Relationship Architect

Helen Ann Peters MSc, is an award-winning journalist with 25 years of experience in the communications field including copywriter, PR practitioner, print and broadcast journalist, public speaking, radio deejay, TV host and emcee. She is a certified Directive Communication™ psychology practitioner and author of “Communicating with Colour” relating to the remodelling of corporate culture through the psychology of emotive communication.

Helen reconstructs expectations of what “communications” is and what it can build in your organisation. Her applications of Directive Communication Psychology transcend mental/emotional systems of workplace effectiveness. This combined with internal/external corporate communication structure and skill, shape the cornerstone of cooperative, communicative, and cohesive cultures.

Helen's superior command of language and her Zany Super Energetic style makes her a much-sought after Speaker and MC around Asia. She is praised by clients such as the Malaysian Police Force, Dumex, LUCT, CIMB, Affin Bank and Cosway and travels the region to train and develop management to become expert relationship builders with their diverse stakeholders.

Helen`s Programs

Destroy the structural and psychological roadblocks that are preventing you from extraordinary communication Apply psychological levers to enhance measurable communication systems
Learn to present yourself and your organisation to enroll trust and believability Construct stronger foundations for your brand and your organisation's ultimate vision