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DC Training Tools and Training Games

The participants sit in their seats waiting to begin; in front of them are some colorful cards, some cardboard dolls, 2 large envelops with colorful graphs inside, some multi-faceted blocks, some funny money and what appears to be a treasure map and a long tube. Then the music starts and the Game begins. They are not there to learn creativity or how to teach elementary school. They are senior managers, top sales people and high potential candidates from well known multinationals, there to improve the productivity and effectiveness in the areas of Leadership, Sales, Project Management, Team Development and the list goes on. The proprietary tools are one of the reasons Directive Communication workshops have been noted as 42% more effective than traditional training. Each exercise is designed to not only add to a participantís experiential knowledge and applied realization, but also to build on, and reinforce the previous learning and exercises. Participants are immersed in the entire learning system through games and the psychological strategies to make sure the learning is embedded in consciousness and long term memory.

The Diference between Training Tools and Training Games

Below you will find a variety of tools and games for training. A training tool is a physical tool that facilitates activities that instil learning in training participants. DC "Training Tools" are designed as entertainining and yet able to elisit profound realizations. Trainin Tools are used for Training Games or Facilitation, but not all Games require Tools. These Training Tools are available for purchase at: DC Training Tools

DC Training Tools

CBC Cards

These are the Ultimate Tool for People who want to Get the Most from their Brain and Facilitators who want to Help them!
Human Driver Challenge

This Training Game requires groups to interact with each other at an Emotional level when they Build a Cart and Race It
Values Blocks

The DC Values Blocks Game helps individuals to make realizations that different values can create stronger team bonds if "Bridged" properly.
Environment Dolls

Each Pack contains 12 character templates. They are brought to life by your trainees discovering the roles they need to play in different situations and environments
World of Work Map

Uses include Progress Assessment , Work Environment Enhancement, Interview Tool, Work Process Assessment and Personal Objective Mapping
Colored Brain Glasses

6 Games you can Play in your Experiential Trainings to demonstrate: Understanding the Colored Brain, Conquering Perception Gaps, Overcoming the Obvious, etc
The Wheel

The wheel serves as a physical and mental break while still reinforcing Colored Brain, Emotional Drive and/or Postures and make Traing more fun
DC Facilitators Sets

Participant Manuals, Facilitators Guides, PPT Presentations, Audio CDs, Training Tips DVDs & more used in Directive Communication Training and Facilitation
DC Facilitators Series

The Complete 9 Volume Set for Trainers and Facilitators. Including all Participant Manuals, Facilitators Guides, PPT Presentations, Audio CDs, Training Tips DVDs & etc
Choudhury Mind Maze

Training in Communication, Leadership, or Personal development, this Very Stressful game will bring out the worst in your participants to reveal how they can be at their best
Colored Business Game

This Team Building Game is an extensive role-play exercise that assembles people with matching Brain Colors (see CBCI) into teams
DC Facilitators Power Collection

Everything a Professional Trainer needs, to deliver DC Psychology based training programs. It contains the Complete DC Tools