Corporate Culture Revolution for Organizational Change

Change Management Objectives

Change Management and Culture Change

With a group of 12 to 15 people, do a step by step implementation program that will affect the entire organization to be more effective and aligned with greater organizational vision. The program objectives are set by Senior Management and met through an Experiential Process applying the psychology of self and group over the period of 12 days.

  • Include the Management in the process by having their subordinates involve them in the initiative they are leading
  • Enter a change initiative through which key influencers (not management) lead a step by step implementation program (based on management guidelines) that will redefine their, and their peer's perceptions and roles in the company to gain more personal satisfaction through job success
  • Provide the DC psychology based experiential platform to engage the majority of staff to have a greater sense of ownership for the company and to passionately create a structure to sustain higher levels of teamwork and self leadership to achieve their personal success
  • Relate positive feedback and visible results to the behavior modifications that were employed to create sustainable behavior change

The program objectives are met through a highly interactive Experiential Directive Communication™ Psychology based implementation Process applying the psychology of self and group over the period of 12 days with online coaching follow up each week for 5 weeks.

The result is increased synergy across departments, personal accountability and the trust of management required to take action without looking to others for direction. Employees will create a supportive environment where they draw on the collective strengths of the management and the staff at various levels. Leaders and subordinates will have the psychological tools needed (including the newest, CBCI - communication profiling, and the HDMA - Emotional Perception Gaps, profiling tools) to understand one another at the most basic level of brain and emotional action. They will learn how to decode each other’s physical way of perceiving the world around them and the real strengths behind what it takes to nurture personal and organizational success, AND how to get that personal success from work.

During 12 days, the program is spread out between workshop exercises and onsite implementation. One day workshop (total 5 days), one day onsite (total 4 days requireing 3 to 4 hours each)… this will be caried out by key influencers who involve management and peers in the process. The final day is a presentation of what kind of working environment the "people" want to create to bring out the best of themselves and others, what who they need to be to create it, and the guiding principals they have personaly chosen to live by.

A successful participant will be able to :

  • Have a burning desire to create a better, more successful working environment and Involve others at all levels of the organization to be more cooperative and passionate to create it
  • Enhance organizational culture with better communication and personal alignment to a greater vision and show self leadership to manifest personal and organizational success
  • Cultivate an environment to inspire and support a Leadership Enriched Culture
  • Have a better understanding of how to create positive change in the environment by making small changes in behaviour that will show immediate results in fulfilment at work.
  • Be inspired to take action on these small changes and become better leaders at all levels.
  • Identify KPIs for nurturing and developing a greater work environment and developing an "Identity" that will make it happen
  • Create a set of "Guiding Principles" to gain Clarity of "who" they need to be in order to achieve their greater Vision
  • Build the foundations of proactive leaders throughout the organization
  • Truly believe they have the ability to make a difference in their leadership ability
    to influence corporate culture and act on it
  • Sustain behaviour modification by creating a structure that associates their visible results from their modified actions, to their personal success and emotional gratifications in all areas of their life
  • Establish a personal sense of fulfillment that ties job with the success of the organization and the promise it needs to deliver on.
  • Build a stronger sense of team and further develop team innovation and creativity

The specific areas to be covered include : 

Awareness :
  • Assess current organizational culture
  • Assess issues that affect culture
  • Evaluate personal life goals and the effects
    of organizational culture on those goals
  • Assess current results in life Because of Work
Implementation :
  • 5 pillars of Transformation
  • Culture Evolution Strategies
  • Clarity of Purpose and Direction
  • Unified Group Identity
  • A personal Success Identity attached to the group and the organization