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The DC Psychology Train the Trainer gives you the Training Advantage

Training Implementation

In an 8 month study, we found those who have gone through the DC Train the Trainer program have yielded over 42% better implementation than before

Benefits in Earnings

Because of our focus and support on quality and personal branding, DC Train the Trainer graduates get known fast and command higher fees

Personal Satisfaction

Many of the participants who have gone through DC based workshops have told our Trainer that they have Changed Their Lives, how about You?

DC Automates your follow-up

  • Online Training Videos
  • Monthly Webinars
  • Automated Email Reminders
  • Online Training Reinforcement
  • Automated Progress Measurement
  • facilitator guide include

Budget Train the Trainer pkg

Get the 4 Module Package and Upgrade Later. The First 4 Modules are the most important of DC Psychology Contenet and Ideal if you are an In-house Trainer where you don't need Business Development & Support

Make a Lasting Difference

  • Change Lives
  • Transform Work Cultures
  • Save Relationships
  • Gain Personal Productivity
  • Improve Family Dynamics

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What can you Train after you finish the DC Train the Trainers Program?

Besides our Popular Flagship Workshops, You can apply DC Psychology to Improve ANY Training You already do

Each Train the Trainer Module gives you the competency and knowledge foundation you need to provide specific DC based Programs and and add DC psychology enhancements to your own training curriculum. If you are an in-house trainer or if this is your mission in life, the DC Train the Trainer System and Trainer Certification is designed to build on what you know and maximize your current experience to Become a Superior People Developer.

The First 4 Train the Trainer Modules Give you Content

Each workshop you train can be designed and customized for individual Organizations or Public training Requirements

The first 4 Train the Trainer Modules give you the "Certified Trainer" Designation and allows individuals who have successfully completed each Certification level of the Directive Communication Train the Trainer Modules to conduct specific courses and incorporate Directive Communication into their own training curriculum. Directive Communication Certified Trainers may also attain an Accreditation from the American Institute of Business Psychology after completing 4 modules (Level 4 Certification). Here are some of the courses you can train after the first 4 Train the Trainer Modules:

After Colored Brain Train the Trainer

  • Maximizing Human Capital - Level I
  • The CBCI for Cross Departmental Cooperation
  • Maximizing Brain Power
  • Profiling for Productivity - Level I
  • Colored Brain Teamwork

After Organizational Emotional Drive Train the Trainer

  • Maximizing Human Capital - Level II
  • Leadership Communication
  • Profiling for Productivity - Level II
  • Developing High Performance Teams
  • Motivating Teams

After Advanced Facilitation Certification

  • Directive Communication for Presentations
  • Maximizing Audience influence
  • Inspiring for Action with the DC 4 step technique
  • The Psychology of Influential Presentations
  • Advanced Public Speaking

After Group Dynamic Systems Train the Trainer

  • Maximizing Human Capital - Level III
  • Motivating Teams
  • Creating a "Psycho-Productivity" Environment
  • Influencing Corporate Culture
  • Leadership Intelligence

Determine a Certified Trainers Certification Level

DC Certified Trainers and Training Partners have gone through the DC Train the Trainer Program and are qualified specific levels detailed on their Directive Communication Certification Card as follows:

Trainer Classification Level, Detailed 
on Back of cardClassification Level Reference
Each Level identifies the Trainers level of Competence in Directive Communication Psychology. The number indicated under the "Classification" heading designates the training certification Level and the DC courses they are qualified to instruct.

The Final 4 Train the Trainer Modules deliver competence in Change Management and give you a Training and Consulting Business Competitive Edge

For Trainers who wish to make Training and Consulting a lucrative carrier

The Second 4 Train the Trainer Modules give you the "Training Partner" Designation and allows individuals who have successfully completed each Certification level of the Directive Communication Train the Trainer Modules to work with Directive Communication International in the development and consultation of core clients to develop better organizations.

Curriculum Development Trainer Certification

  • Create Your Own DC Based Training Curiculums
  • Apply tools like CBCI to New Programs and Outcomes
  • Create and Market new DC Training Games with us
  • Create new applications and products that DCI Jointly can Develop and Market with You

Management & Leadership Coaching Using DC Certified Trainer Platforms

  • Apply DC psychology to Employee Development
  • Use DC to Change Specifice Performance issues
  • Build up Great Leaders
  • Apply DC in a Coaching Environment

The Business of Training & Consulting

  • Leverage Media to get Free advertising
  • Develope Stratigic Parnerships that Promote you
  • Use the Internet to magnify your credibility and get LOTS more business
  • Leverage you Experience and Brand to make money while you sleep

Change Management & Organizational Revolution Certified Trainer & Consultan

  • Design and Implement a DC360 Program
  • Co-Facilitate a DC Revolution Initiative
  • Do a Corporate Culture Tune Up
  • Perform a Corporate Culture Evolution Evaluation
  • Develop Leaders that can Change Organizations

8 Train the Trainer Modules divided into 2 Trainer Certification Sets

At a glance, the different Train the Trainer Certification Courses available are as follows:

Train the Trainer Practitioner Program For in-house trainers

Colored Brain and the CBCI Certification

Organizational Emotional Drive Certified Trainer

Advanced DC Facilitation Certification

Influencing Groups with Directive Communication Certification

Train the Trainer Parner Program - Business and Institutional Application

(Gain AIOBP accreditation and DC training Partner status) Only available to individuals who have completed " DC Trainer Program"

The Business of Training and Consulting

DC based Curriculum Development

Management and Leadership Coaching Using Certified Trainer Platforms

Change Management & . . Organizational Change Trainer and Consultant

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