• A recent DCI study confirms that awareness of how you think, react, and understand your environment, does create higher potential for improving your personal effectiveness, fulfillment and decision making. The byproducts of greater awareness has lead to improving working environments and nurturing a less stressful yet more productive environments, people with the greater awareness also have more influence.

    The areas of awareness that were looked at included environmental and genetic influences of brain psychology and how that affected an individual’s Personal Reality.

    Brain Awareness Effects on Organizational Change Leadership

    Brain Awareness Effects on Organizational Change Leadership

    Get the high resolution Brain Awareness Change Leadership Map here

    Participants of this study identified that their relationship with their teams and subordinates improved and so did the overall moral of the teams after undergoing Directive Communication Psychology based training with various focuses such as leadership, communication, conflict management… The results did not significantly vary based on the training focus, but on the common denominator which was the awareness of brain psychology within those courses.

    An additional group who were considered good leaders by their peers and were in the top 20% of the sample in both employee engagement and achieving objectives in their teams or departments, but did not undergo this specific type of training, also proved to be more aware of themselves and their effects on others than the group which was under-performing.

    A related study applying the Colored Brain model indicated the genetic vs. the environmental influence of Brain Psychology related to 3 factors that affect group dynamics and ultimately, Organizational Culture.

    1. Influence Related to Habits

    • 32.5% Genetic
    • 67.4% Environmental

    2. Influence Related to Communication

    • 62.1% Genetic
    • 37.8% Environmental

    3. Influence Related to Interpretation

    • 52.6% Genetic
    • 47.3% Environmental

    Understanding the depth of these influences helps us identify the facets required in the leadership development of our people and becoming a great organizational change leader in the process.

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    1. Posted on September 3rd

      Western models are based on Empericism of David Hume.Can you define/postulate AWARENESS/CONSCIOUSNESS based on empirical statistical methods?They seem to have many unknown components especially from SPIRITUALISM.

    2. Posted on September 3rd

      Interesting article

    3. coach outlet
      Posted on September 4th

      You have remarked very interesting points! ps nice internet site.

    4. Professor M.S.Rao
      Posted on September 4th

      Absolutely awesome insights!

      Professor M.S.Rao – Author of 17 leadership books including Secrets of Your Leadership Success The 11 Indispensable E’s of a Leader
      Founder, MSR Leadership Consultants, India

    5. Amedar Consulting
      Posted on September 4th

      You could definitely see your enthusiasm within the work you write. The sector hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. Always go after your heart.

    6. Palpatine
      Posted on September 4th

      Very good, i like you.And say and say ………. It’s greatttttttttttt…….. very nice brain based article and graphic|Thank you for sharing your article I would always follow|Thank you all for your new insights on brain, leadership and organizational change.|a very successful and new perspective and very revealing article. |I greatly appreciate all the info I’ve read here. I will spread the word about your blog to other people. Cheers. ;-)}

    7. Emil
      Posted on September 5th

      hey this post is a wonderful take on self improvement / development can affect employee engagement and performance. I also like the objectivity of the test and it was not all geared to Directive Communication training or for your leadership courses. great job

    8. Vedika
      Posted on September 7th

      Directive Communication Brain Color – AMAZING.
      Love the map !

    9. Amedar
      Posted on September 9th

      Amazing ideas on leadership and personal effectiveness! Arthur, you are surly a thought leader

    10. KitCarson
      Posted on September 11th

      It is very nice post and i am going to subscribe…

      [..]This was a very captivating graphics on organizational change. Love the detail[..]…

    11. rajan magoon
      Posted on September 14th

      The study does throw up significant applications of the Coloured Brain Model. Two areas stand out : i) Organisations introduce ‘change’ through people. ii) Change invariably leads to conflict, with the established habits, of the person.

    12. ophen_777
      Posted on September 15th

      I would like to invite you to write for the Harvard Business Review. Please let me know if you are interested

    13. Brittany H Martin
      Posted on September 16th

      Thanks a ton for your infograph. Being a writer, I am always in need of unique and different solutions on leadership and change. I actually uncover fantastic creativity in doing this. Many thanks

    14. coq10 Paul
      Posted on September 16th

      amazing graphic on change leadership

      [...]Brain Psychology Awareness Does have an Effect of on Organizational Change and Leadership Effectiveness… this is visionary


    15. Ong Hong Him
      Posted on September 19th

      Awesome. The discovery reaffirms the power of knowning your brain color and those of your team members. Also, our emotional drivers. The better we know of our pepople, the easier we get along with them. “Control” is tp be able to predict the actions and reactions of your team. DC Psychology says it all. Cheers!

    16. Rakhi Softa Sharma
      Posted on September 19th

      Amazing insight and a simple way to understand self and environment, which will lead to better understanding of the both.

    17. Professor M.S.Rao
      Posted on September 19th

      Absolutely awesome insights!

      Professor M.S.Rao – Author of 17 leadership books including Secrets of Your Leadership Success The 11 Indispensable E’s of a Leader
      Founder, MSR Leadership Consultants, India

    18. Posted on September 20th

      More evolved and insightful article on Brain Psychology Awareness… very much needed in Business world especially for Organizational change, team Dynamics & Conflict management…The Greater awareness the effective the results. Thanks Arthur Carmazzi for sharing the expanded study on Brain Psychology along with developed tool

    19. Carol
      Posted on September 20th

      this is very useful article for many users. thanks for putting across these details about the brain.

    20. jordan
      Posted on September 24th

      The article is worth reading,Thank you very much for the insights on brain awareness! I will keep your new articles

    21. Posted on October 15th

      Just finish your BA or BS, and then major in Educating Children with Behavioral Disorders for your MA and get a PhD in Educational Psychology. Then, you can obersve children, do testing, write up reports or start your own school. Along the way, you will do much research and much observing. One caveat is that you will have to take real statistics and pass the GRE. I think you will like this line of study very much.

    22. Matthew R Giese
      Posted on October 18th

      Thank you for being our teacher on this subject matter. I enjoyed your own article quite definitely and most of all enjoyed the way in which you handled the aspect I widely known as controversial. You happen to be always quite kind towards readers like me and help me in my life. Thank you.

    23. blouson moncler
      Posted on November 12th

      Nice infographic, and great description of how to use awerness to develop leadership and change. How do you see this helping a small team?

    24. Arlen Rutter
      Posted on November 26th

      I simply want to tell your ideas on brain psychology and leadership are absolutely awesome. Thank you

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