• Definitions of Leadership, Strategic agility, Time management, and Communication based on Directive Communication Organizational Development Psychology

    Leadership does not involve changing mindset or getting followers, but the cultivation of an environment that inspires individuals to take up leadership roles and competently develop themselves to make things happen for everyone.

    Strategic Agility
    When there is a problem, the ability to circumvent the standard or natural reaction and think intelligently to identify and act on alternatives to reach the objective effectively

    Time management
    Time Management is not about structure, its about understanding the perception, psychology and actions that steal time from your day, and cultivating the awareness to regain control of these using your own natural brain processing to affect your greater effectiveness.

    Requires awareness of our own reality and how that affects our expressions, perceptions, listening, and speaking so we can transcend the barriers of our subjective reality and the emotions that hinder its effective interpretation, to connect with, and give meaning to, others at various levels of inspiration, action, clarity and emotion.

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    1. Qaiser Sohail
      Posted on May 26th

      this text is very well written, you must be a really intelligent person Arthur Carmazzi, keep up the good work.

    2. Dirce
      Posted on May 28th

      thanks for sharing this information. great, keep it up.

    3. Cenilda
      Posted on June 4th

      i think it was a great website because it is really interesting.

    4. Abbie
      Posted on June 7th

      Each definition fits each term in this post. What struck me the most was the definition of Communication by Arthur Carmazzi. In order to be understood, you must be aware of your own reality. One must understand his/her own perception in order for his/her idea to cross to the listener.

    5. Dina
      Posted on June 10th

      you’ve got a great way of communicating with the reader, a great way of making me feel like what you have to say is just as important to me as it is to you. keep it up!

    6. Clareana
      Posted on June 13th

      what a great post! thanks very much for sharing it with us…

    7. Jean
      Posted on June 15th

      Arthur Carmazzi is right. Leadership is not just trying to get people follow you, it is inspiring individuals to reach for the common goal of the organization.

    8. Akemi
      Posted on July 14th

      Great definition Mr Carmazzi

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